Barbed wire

We carry high-quality barb wire, a perimeter protection solution known for decades and used with many fencing system types. We manufacture our barb wire with galvanized steel wire for superior durability, mechanical strength, and resistance to weather and corrosion.

Our high-quality solutions come complete with a professional customer service that will meet your demands.

Application: in diverse locations to deter intruders from private premises, manufacturing plants, warehouses, or institutional facilities. Our barb wire can be delivered in any length and width, per custom order.

Technical specifications

Galvanized barb wire
Core wire dia. /
barb dia. [mm]
Weight in bundle
ø 2,5 / ø2,0 5 kg = 40 m
10 kg = 80 m
20 kg = 160 m
ø 2,0 / ø1,6 2,5 kg = 50 m
5 kg = 100 m
10 kg = 200 m
20 kg = 400 m

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