Palisade fencing

The greatest hit! We offer modern, minimalistic palisade fencing. We produce fence panels, gates, wickets in various sizes and colours, providing the highest quality, professional advice and quick, professional installation of fences.

Our palisade fences are distinguished by their stability, resistance to harmful weather conditions and beautiful appearance for many years. We produce elements with standard and non-standard parameters, tailored to individual customer needs. For each type of panel you can choose an appropriate wicket and a double-leaf or sliding gate. As a manufacturer of fences with many years of experience, we are able to perform the most demanding orders at very attractive prices!

APPLICATION: The simple, stylish design of the palisade is perfectly harmonized with modern architecture, but it also presents itself in an interesting way in comparison with classical construction. Palisade fences are elegant and timeless, and add prestige to the property. Thanks to their robust construction, they provide protection, guarantee a sense of privacy and effectively set the boundaries of the plot. Numerous advantages make the palisade fences very popular and are used for fencing single-family houses, businesses, recreation and representative areas, public buildings, etc.

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