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Many years of experience, professional goods and services as well as responsible business operation have made SIATPOL popular among hundreds of its customers in Poland and abroad (Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic) and helped the company become one of the market leaders in the south-eastern Poland.

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe (Production, Trade and Service Company) SIATPOL Kazimierz Szcząchor was established in 1982 in Majdan Stary near Biłgoraj. The company specialises in the production of a wide range of wire products, which can be used both on a mass scale in various industrial sectors and by private customers in individual households.

Polish product

Our range includes:

  • comprehensive panel fencing systems, precast concrete
  • Gates and wickets
  • highway forestry wire mesh,
  • fencing, PVC coated, Rabitz mesh, IZOLA mesh, welded mats);
  • wire (barb wire, galvanised wire, black annealed wire, wire rods, and binder wire)
  • 1/50 and 1/60 concrete reinforcement steel fibres
  • chains (for assembly and in finished lengths, and chain hardware)
  • Accessories

The success of the company is based on courageous, conscious investment in innovative equipment and specialised knowledge of the staff.

We are mostly concerned about high quality of the products, which is guaranteed by the best raw materials and advanced technological processing. It all makes SIATPOL products stand out with their unique durability, strength and aesthetic appearance.

We have modern production halls (e.g. wire drawing mill, automatic machines for manufacturing fencing mesh, production facility of fibres for concrete), qualified staff as well as logistic and transport facilities that help us distribute our products on time.

We provide professional consulting services, attractive prices and flexible approach to the needs of our Customers.

Dynamic development of the company covers production, commercial and marketing activities. The company actively participates in fairs and exhibitions held all over the world, and its products and activities have been appreciated with a number of certificates, awards and distinctions in various sector competitions and rankings.

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